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It is easy for one to help another during comfortable circumstances, without any sacrifices or without going through any grim situation. But Safe Key Shop isn’t just any other ordinary organization. Our firm strives to be one that plays the role of being the helping aid in the hour of need. We extend 24/7 services to our customers throughout the year, without ceasing to offer our loyal services even during the national holidays or off-hours.
Safe Key Shop understands that emergencies do not come warranted only during certain times or in a certain place. Emergency locksmith situations can occur at anytime, anywhere in the locality or elsewhere. We serve all the residents of this locality throughout the day and night and we will be the first to arrive if you are confronted with any kind of locksmith issue. All you will have to do is give us a call and we will be at your service.
Imagine being locked out of your house when it is biting cold or facing a car lockout in a desolate parking lot at late night. Now those scenarios may keep us on our edges when it flickers in the movies, but in reality, they are far more intimidating than perceived. Emergency locksmith situations require for emergency locksmith resolutions and Safe Key Shop employees are exactly the ones to serve you in the hour of need. 

All our professional locksmiths have undergone several years of training. They all are well experienced to deal with emergency lockout issues or any other kind of emergency locksmith issues. We can perform emergency lock repairs, lock changes or lock replacement without any damage being done. Other locksmithing firms are capable to resolve your locksmith issues too, but none can defeat the rapid services offered by our team of locksmiths with extreme finesse.

When you are confronted with emergency situations such as broken lock/keys, break-in, lost car keys, broken ignition keys, stolen/lost keys etc., all you need to do is to call Safe Key Shop and your issues will be taken care of immediately.

We have a team of mobile locksmith vehicles that takes in pride in being largest fleet of mobile locksmith vans in the locality. As you give us a call to address the various locksmith issues, we will arrive with our mobile locksmith vehicles to resolve any kind of locksmith issues you are experiencing. 


Some of our emergency locksmith services include: Safe Key Shop Bronx, NY 718-489-9779

  • 24/7 availability throughout Bronx, NY
  • Replacing broken keys
  • Affordable lock repairs 
  • Resolving car and trunk lockouts 
  • Duplication of ignition car keys 
  • Duplication of Transponder car Keys 
  • Emergency lock change
  • Eviction services
  • Ignition repairs
  • Installation of high-security locks 
  • Emergency opening of cabinets, windows, doors and cars
  • Response within a span of 15 minutes 

And much more! 


When faced with an emergency locksmith situation, just give us a call at 718-489-9779, and we will be quick to respond to your concerns.